Who Wants To Learn Hundreds Of Sure-Fire Strategies That Took 12 Ordinary Women From Zero To Millionaires?

You Can Save Yourself Years Of Struggle, And Get All The Success You Deserve.

  • Co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Sharon Lechter
  • Gill Fielding, star of 'Secret Millionaire' & 'The Apprentice - You're Fired!'
  • Barbara Corcoran, star of U.S. show 'Shark Tank'
  • 'Dragons’ Den' entrepreneur, Rachel Elnaugh
  • Two experts who feature in the film phenomenon 'The Secret', Sandy Forster and Lynda Dyer
  • Lynne Franks, who appeared on 'I’m a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here'
  • Plus 5 more self-made millionaires

The Book


These 12 millionaires have been dirt broke… ill from stress and worry… homeless… school drop-outs… single Moms. They say anyone can become a millionaire even if they have no connections or no college education. In Millionaire Women, Millionaire You they explain the exact steps you need to take today to get rich from scratch.

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Do you struggle with your business or work in a job you hate?

Do you feel like you’re running on the spot just to stand still?

Is it hard finding time (or money) to do the things you really love?

Every secret you need in one place

Imagine sitting down with just ONE of these millionaires and having them tell you their biggest money-making secrets.

Instead, you’ll be learning HUNDREDS of tips one after the other. It could easily take you 10 years of wasted effort and thousands of dollars to learn what they know.

In your copy of Millionaire Women, Millionaire You, you’ll read transcripts of my interviews with them. Each interview is between a half-hour to a full one hour long and packed with tips to help you make your own breakthrough.

Millionaire Women

Sharon Lechter
The co-author of international bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad, whose son was once in credit card debt.

Gill Fielding
The millionaire who played in the gutter as a child… and dreamed of filling Shakespeare’s Complete Works with bank notes on every page.

Barbara Corcoran
The entrepreneur who got Ds in school & college… but built a billion dollar property empire after quitting her job as a waitress.

Sandy Forster
The single mother who was $100K in debt… then created a multi-million dollar business in 5 years.

Susan Sly
The mother who overcame multiple sclerosis, divorce and bankruptcy… to generate over $50 million sales.

Lynne Franks
The style guru who founded her PR company at her kitchen table aged 21… after starting out as a typist.

Jennifer Hough The entrepreneur who overcame 5 years of chronic illness to build one of the largest nutrition clinics in Canada.

Rachel Elnaugh
TV’s ex-‘Dragons’ Den’ entrepreneur who built up a business turning over £100 million while a single mum in her early twenties.

Linda Franklin
The first Canadian woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange… after starting out as a secretary with no college education.

Rev. Teri Hawkins
The international speaker paralyzed by a car accident… who defied doctors to become a world-class athlete and a millionaire by age 30.

Ali Brown
The entrepreneur who was once so maxed out on credit cards, she couldn’t get cash from an ATM… but who went on to build a seven-figure business.

Lynda Dyer
The world-renowned speaker and life coach who overcame debilitating illness to build a multi-million dollar business in 12 years.

Millionaire You

In this treasure-trove of wealth-making tips you’ll learn:

  • how to launch a billion dollar empire from your kitchen table;
  • how to build your own seven-figure business with NO staff;
  • how to build a global brand on a shoestring budget;
  • how to turn a mediocre business into a money-making machine;
  • how to give yourself the freedom to live your dreams

...and much more.

The Author

Stephanie J Hale is an author, speaker, trader and entrepreneur.
She is co-founder and CEO of The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women.
She was once a single mom on a street where hookers and drug dealers touted for trade.
She was inspired to write this book in the weeks after being told she might have a brain tumor - thankfully she doesn't.


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